Qasr Al Sarab {Desert Resort by Anantara}

In the midst of the late August heat, we took up the Summer promo offer at Anantara’s Qasr Al Sarab to experience a night of luxury deep in the desert. It is so remote, in fact, that this area of the desert is known as the Empty Quarter.  We packed up the car with swimsuits, gym clothes, dinner wear, snacks, drinks (with an extra set of everything for the kiddo) and headed out on our 2+ hour drive straight out of AD and into the dunes.  Luckily the roads are all paved and well used, so our little sedan amongst all of the SUV’s held up perfectly fine, although staring out the window at the sand whizzing by, does get a bit old, very quickly.  

  Nonetheless, when you approach those castle-like gates of Qasr Al Sarab, all is forgotten. You are greeted with a fresh date smoothie and a refreshing cold towel.  We were quickly taken to our room... the incredible Deluxe Terrace Room.  And, OMG, that terrace is HUGE!  Practically the size of the room, with plenty of comfortable lounge furniture. (And even in the hot summer night, we were able to sit out and enjoy the terrace.)  The incredible view will draw you out of even the best air conditioning. If you will be traveling with a group, at least one of you has to get this room.  It is the perfect place for bringing everyone together. We rushed off to the pool so that we could be ready for our Animal Adventure tour later in the day. The pool is absolutely prime. Three large pools, both shade and sun, both shallow and deep, and you will be waited on hand and foot. Need bottled water. A cold towel? Something to eat? Just place an order from the full poolside bar menu.
  As the sun started to fade (not the heat by any means) we hopped into a luxury SUV and were whisked off down the road to the resident camel farm. Totally worth a visit especially if you have kids!  The camels are so friendly and such interesting animals, that many of us rarely get to see or touch. They are the pride and joy of their caretakers, who able to easily tell you a number of facts about any one of their animals. We were also able to see two 3-month old baby camels! (They were already taller than humans... but still so cute!).  We also met the pony, the donkey, the sheep, the rabbits, the gazelle, and the desert hunting dogs.  Really a fun learning experience.
    As the sun started to set, we headed back to our room to wash up for dinner. In the hot summer months not all of the restaurants are open, so we headed up to the top floor of the main building to experience the steakhouse “Suhail”.  Their menu is classy but uncomplicated, and they even have an extensive kids menu. In fact, the kids pizza was so delicious I would order it for myself.  The steak offered is rightly only prime cuts, of which we had the Kobe filet. It was incredible. Tender, juicy and flavorful with no need for extra salt or sauce. And, there is a whole menu of sides you can pair with your food.  I recommend the fresh tomato salad and the fries, although, I wouldn’t be surprised if they are all good. Even the bread is warm and fluffy, right out of the oven. If you are a wine drinker like me, you will be happy to see the dedicated wine room which you can explore.  We ended the night with a small chocolate cake on our own private terrace, staring off into the peaceful darkness of the sand dunes. 

The next morning I checked out the gym before heading to breakfast. If the gym is your home away from home, you will be happy here.  Loads of well-maintained machines for both strength and cardio, with a schedule of fitness classes too. Next to the gym is the absolute best kids club I have EVER seen, and I have seen quite a few. Indoor play with fabulous toys, an outdoor shaded playground, a large trampoline, and even a teens room with 3 flatscreens for video games, a pool table, table tennis and loads of board games. Your kids will never miss you. Before heading home we had breakfast. An impressive buffet of both sweet and savory, equal to any you would find the 5-star hotels of Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

 All in all, I would wholeheartedly recommend taking a visit to Qasr Al Sarab. The service is excellent, the staff is so friendly and knowledgeable, and if you live here in the UAE, you must take advantage of their Summer discounts. Prices are cheaper, the resort is quiet and you get more attention and assistance than you could ever ask for. There is still plenty that you can take advantage of, even in the heat.  I just wish we had booked another night. 

Desert Resort by Anantara

welcome reception

pool view
deluxe terrace

Animal Adventure Tour

Animal Adventure Tour

pizza from Suhail

tomato salad from Suhail

morning walk in the dunes

kids club playground


kids pool- in the shade



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