About Me

    I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, which is how I first developed my interest in fresh and interesting ingredients.  For my 18th birthday, all I wanted to do was go to the farmers market! (nerdy!!)  Throughout college (and after) I was baking and cooking in restaurant kitchens- never wanting to become a full-fledged chef, but flourishing in the creativity.
 After graduating from college, I became Manager of a food ingredients brokerage in San Francisco, where I was able to learn about the big business of growing, trading, producing and selling mostly Californian agricultural products...like tomatoes, almonds, garlic, etc.  It was a great job to combine the business world and the food world.  I was hooked, and it set my interest in getting an MBA. 
During the 2 years of earning an MBA (with a concentration in Finance) at the Vanderbilt Owen Business School, I took a part-time position as a personal chef for an author.  This was one of my favorite jobs of all time!  Since my client was so open to different foods, I had so much freedom to practice my skills. After completing the MBA, I took a job in Strategic Finance ...which I continue currently.  Hence the name Apples to Apples...we in Finance, always want to make sure that we are comparing "apples to apples".. And I do a lot of comparing of food, recipes and places to eat on the blog...
   As life has taken me, I am currently living in Abu Dhabi.  Having been a restaurant cook, a baker, and a personal chef, I don't like claiming that I have done any.  I prefer to keep a sense of humor.  I will forever be learning and evolving in the kitchen. I love to cook/bake (or experiment) and taste, and hopefully help us all learn more about all of the many things we eat...or choose not to.
To get in touch, you can reach me here!