SushiSan {Japanese}

Sushi....the good, the bad...and the mediocre.  We have had them all and more often than not we walk away from our sushi meal with apathy.  Once we find our favorite sushi spot, we end up ordering from it over and over again, ceasing to care.  After all, it is hard work to find good sushi, and you can relinquish multiple meals and who knows how much money on mediocre food (or worst).  

But, once in a while (with proper research :)) you find a winner.  Hidden in one of the more random areas of Abu Dhabi sits the Holiday Inn, and within the hotel is a little trendy Japanese restaurant, SushiSan, known for its fun weekly promotions and good value.  They offer a variety of sushi from modern concoctions to traditional standards.  Chef Jessica is both creative and disciplined and cares about her customers.  Want something special?  Just ask.  My favorite was actually one of her own creations, a simple maki roll with cream cheese, avocado and a sprinkling of the incredible shiso leaf.  

On Tuesdays, they offer a fixed price menu, and on Thursday evenings they do a special Brunch with made to order sushi.  The restaurant is quaint yet trendy, with black and red leather seats and lots of natural light.  In the cooler months, there will even be a few lucky outdoor seats.  The nights are busy and lively, while the days are calmer and quieter, allowing you to talk comfortably with your tablemates.  

Dessert offerings are simple but good.  The green tea ice cream is my favorite by far.  A rich creamy delight, tasting perfectly of matcha.  There was also a tempting chocolate/ green tea pannacotta that we didn't get to, so hopefully next time.  Service is very kind and they even found us a comfortable booth where we could sit and eat while still holding my napping kiddo.  So you may already be in love with your current sushi place, but next time, give Sushisan a try. 

Holiday Inn, Lobby Level, Embassies District, Abu Dhabi

SushiSan - Holiday Inn Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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