Burgers and Shakes {Black Tap- Abu Dhabi}

Black Tap NYC has made a cult-like following for itself with lines down the block and thousands of photos of their famous shakes scattered across Instagram.  So when Black Tap opened in Abu Dhabi last month, we were all a little thrilled.  And, in Abu Dhabi...no lines, ever! 
Of course I was so curious to try out their famous milk shakes, but even more curious to see if that was all that they had going for them....was the food even good?  Black Tap opened in Yas Mall, which is a great location, but unfortunately means that is doesn't serve craft beer. Boo.  
So, although I wanted to rush right over to the candy counter and order a milkshake, we forced ourselves into a more civilized method.  A few appetizers, a few burgers with fries, and of course the famous milkshake.  The fried brussels sprouts and the Korean chicken wings were super starters, and easy to fill up on.  Both were really flavorful and great texture.  Light and crispy brussels and tender juicy chicken. 
We went simple on the burgers with one Classic beef with cheese and classic fries, and one Veg Black Bean Burger with sweet potato fries. While the beef was not the most flavorful that I have ever tasted, it was well executed and the bun was addictingly fluffy and soft. The black bean burger was flavorful and actually felt pretty healthy  (i.e. not deep fried).  Both sets of fries were excellently crispy and hot.  We eat every last one of them. 
And finally the "Crazy Shakes" are delicious.  As Instagramable as they might be, they are equally enjoyable and satisfying.  Black Tap really taps into those days of childhood, when you didn't care about the calories or the sugar. They do come with a hefty price tag of 62AED ($17) each...but if you like that sort of thing, where else can you get a milkshake that outrageous and fun?  Take the family and enjoy.
Yas Mall (near Ferrari World)
02 4465128


Black Tap Craft Burgers & Shakes Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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