Asia De Cuba {Brunch}

You know Asia De Cuba... the famous "Chino Latino" restaurant with a happening bar scene.... Well, here in Abu Dhabi Asia De Cuba it is perched right on the beach front with prime views of the sand and sea.  I have been for cocktails (my fav), lunch, and now the Friday Brunch.

The interior dining room is calm and chic with sheer curtains and plush seating, but the outdoor patio is what really pulls in the crowd. A large outdoor bar, a great speaker system, and you are just feet from the beach.

  This past Friday, was their first White Party Brunch, which is basically a good excuse to turn brunch into an even bigger party. *And don't freak out if you don't have a totally white outfit...there were lots of people in any best attempt at white, and it all worked out just fine. The DJ is great, the atmosphere is lively but not overly crowded, and even with the rain, the doors were open letting in the fresh warm air. 

When you walk in, you are handed a glass of champagne or a cocktail, and from then on, your glass is never empty.  It is a set menu, all served to your table: one course of four appetizers, then your choice of a main, then three desserts.  The quantity is very manageable and really feels like a normal sized meal as compared to a lot of these other lavish brunches.     

Honestly, the food is not amazing.  It is a little heavy on the aioli for my preference,  and dishes that should have been served hot, we received only slightly warm.  For example, the "Crispy" potatoes are heavily drizzled with a spicy aioli, AND the potatoes were not actually crispy, (or hot).  When we asked again for potatoes without sauce, they were served perfectly hot, crispy....and delicious.  SO it seems they can perfect things if they need to,
The Ox Tail Buns were a stand out appetizer, and the salmon fillet is a great healthy, fresh main course.  The desserts were a little more interesting.  A dense chocolate Tres Leche cake, a creamy Mascarpone Semifreddo, and their own version of a very light, fluffy, cream-filled Eclair. All tasty options for ending the meal. 

While it all looks pretty, the brunch food seems to be a bit of an afterthought.  So go for the atmosphere, and go for the cocktails...and if you're not too picky, go for the food.     

Friday Brunch
Corniche Rd, St. Regis Hotel
Nation Riviera Beach Club -Abu Dhabi

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