The Secrets of French Skin Care Come to the Rosewood

Life in Abu Dhabi can definitely be luxurious, and today was one of those days (my favorite types of day). Today Rosewood Abu Dhabi launched two new spa product lines that will be used in treatments and sold exclusively at their Sense Spa.  Sure, this happens all the time, but I am particularly keen on these two lines that you probably have no idea even exist!  And the more I learn about really wonderful spa products the more that I love them. .Read below:

 EviDenS de Beaute is a luxurious skincare line, celebrating that they are the first anti-aging skin care line that is created for sensitive skin.  Unless you are one of the lucky ones, you may have noticed that most anti-aging products tend to dry out your skin, and some much harsher than that.  EviDenS was created from scratch by a very dynamic duo: Charles-Edouard Barthes and his Japanese wife who split their time between Tokyo and Paris.  Her inspiration was to look and feel beautiful in her aging yet sensitive skin.  And his passion was inspired by her, to help all women see and feel their own beauty.  Having met her personally and having seen her perfect skin, YES, I will use whatever she is using.  The entire line is dressed to impress in exclusively dark paneling with gold-lining.  Being created in Japan, it is a perfect blend of Japanese perfection and the French love for elegance.

A few of my favorite products are "The Serum" which is an anti-aging serum using Triple Collagen and Mulberry Root Extract, making it a seriously power-packed little bottle.  There is also the "Eye Recovery Serum" which uses the same recipe of anti-aging ingredients, but with a special formulation for those delicate, (and in my case, often shrouded in dark circles) areas of the eyes.  I hope this means I can still keep up my 5 hours of nightly sleep, but look like I am getting 8. 

Maison de Caulieres oozes rustic luxury as the perfect example of a family's passion for their products, created from their love for their homeland.  It is an entirely family-run operation, with the founder's parents still leading the actual manufacturing of the products.  They use only all-natural ingredients, directly from the French countryside which surrounds their home outside of Tours.  So natural that the products are technically edible, meaning that nothing strange is added.  We in fact use them even on my one-year-old daughter.

    There are four different lines that all relate to the ritual of the seasons.  The Fall is calm and features rose and fig.  Winter is cool and citrusy, Spring reminds you of fresh cut grass, and Summer is bright with warm notes of honey to celebrate the harvest season.  All of the lines are actually meant to be used at any and all times of the year, just depends on your own mood and scent preference.  And, even more than just the super thick lotions, and cooling after-sun body oils, I love how the founder, Xavier Deforges, takes part in every piece of his operation from the growing of the flowers that will be used in his oils, to the printing of the labels, which feature photos that he himself took!  He is the epitome of a passionate entrepreneur who stands behind his products 100%.

 The two products are launching together as they complement each other and promote the importance of well-being....which none of us really do enough of. So take a minute to check out these two product lines, you can get them at Rosewood's Sense Spa or online.  (On a side note, all of these products smell incredible!)  And even if you don't buy any, just read their stories.  You will be intrigued and impressed by their passion....and you just might get a little attached.

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