Koshari Street {Egyptian)

    Tucked away on the second floor of the Boost Fitness building, is a treasure of a restaurant.  This Egyptian eatery is quiet, clean and cozy.  They make all of the favorites without any of the hype, and yet with all of the heart.  They are only a few months old and so still trying to make their mark on Abu Dhabi. 

Koshari Street makes more than just the well-known Egyptian street food of their name sake, but they also make Mashaltet (my absolute favorite), the crispy, thin, buttery bread wrapped around your favorite filling, and all of the mezze that you love.  Their Foul (beans) are rich and filling, with the favas cooked perfectly tender and then covered in more nutty olive oil than I have ever had on this dish. 

The falafel are crispy and brown, and there is even the option to have them filled with warm melted cheese.  The Koshari are filling, each topped with a handful of fried onions (and crispy seared meat- should you choose).  Each dish is generous and you won't leave hungry by any means.

The service is friendly- as you come to expect in Abu Dhabi and there is even car service on the street!  Just look for the woman waving the Koshari Street menu!  With my little one sleeping in the back seat when I arrived, I REALLY wish I had known about that option!  Additionally, they are now linked up to Zomato and Carriage for ordering online.  While you won't get the hottest and crispiest Meshaltet with delivery...you can always stick it in the toaster over for a few minutes....and voila!  AND you will have never had to leave the house.  With a kid under two years old, this always sounds like the more appealing option. 

Koshari Street
Al Falahi Building, Beside Gaurdian Tower, Street 29, 
Phone: 02 6795277

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