Fire and Spice Brunch { Yas Island Rotana}

Yas Island is all set and ready to grow.  There are sparkling new empty bus stops and blocks and blocks of brand new homes being built.  There are bike lanes and beautiful parks.  With the sounds of race cars zooming around our famous YAS F1 Racetrack in the background, there are a handful of hotels at which you can already take advantage of the beauty of this still brand new island.  The Yas Rotana is a quaint hotel with a great family oriented atmosphere.  Every Friday they launch a busy, but relaxed, Fire and Spice brunch that focuses on BBQ ("Fire") and modern Indian cuisine ('Spice"), but they also offer some innovative salads, mains, fresh seafood and fun desserts. 

The main buffet is situated in Choices restaurant, so best to sit there.  The outdoor seating area is small, but nicely shaded.  Depending on the weather the indoor seating is most likely preferable as it is very airy and light with a perfect view of the pool.  

After a few adorable scotch quail eggs and maybe some perfectly crispy house-made chicken nuggets, take a run through the salads and veg.  My favorite was the melon and feta salad, and the crispy fried cauliflower, eggplant, and summer squash.  Next, try out the mains like the Indonesian rice with the tang of lemongrass, of the Japanese Udon noodles.  Then, head outside to the BBQ.  Rotisserie chicken, grilled shrimp, and 72-hour applewood-smoked beef ribs that are so meaty that you might be full on just one.  

Rotana's modern Indian restaurant, Rangoli opens up their kitchen to serve hot naan and appetizers directly from the kitchen counter! (a rare opportunity) Just walk right into the kitchen and pick up whichever you would like to try.  The skewers of Fish Tikka were nicely grilled and spicy.  There are also four main options (the most popular dishes on the menu) featuring prawn, chicken and my favorite, biryani.

    Desserts are back in the main restaurant, perfectly situated right by the you cant avoid the temptation as you walk in.  The nitro-frozen ice cream in mini chocolate cones was a super innovative option, that I have not seen elsewhere in the city.  The chef fills your cone with the not-yet-frozen ice cream flavor of your choice.  Then he dips it in the nitrogen for about 10 seconds and voila!  Ice Cream.   I also loved the warm chocolate pudding. Moist and chocolaty without being super rich and heavy.  For the kiddies, there is a chocolate fountain and plenty of sweet treats to dip under it.

Brunch at The Yas Rotana is fun, relaxed and with lots of options for every palate.  The staff is very friendly, helpful and eager for their guests to enjoy themselves.  Bring the kids so they can play in the jumpy house while you take down a few glasses of sparkling wine!     

Yas Island Rotana
12:30 to 4pm   


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