The Secret (Cafe) is Out

On a quiet block of Al Falah street, there now exists a brand new cafe.  It was recently opened by local entrepreneurs wanting to bring the cafe culture from their European travels back home to the capital.  The cafe is called Secret, which refers to their special recipes and unique coffee drinks.  The cafe is cozy, but modern and airy with a full wall of windows looking out onto the city.  And in the utmost modernity, the menus are tablets.  Upbeat Jazz music plays in the background as the espresso machine hums and froths.  

Secret offers a small but satisfying menu for breakfast and lunch.  I went for the lunch menu this time, so I really can't comment on those fluffy pancakes that I saw.  On the other hand, the Steak Burger was lean and juicy, while the Fried Chicken sandwich was perfectly cooked.  Crispy coating with tender juicy flavorful meat...a feat that is actually surprisingly difficult to do. And that perfectly squishy bun.  In addition to some healthy salads (yes, they have quinoa), they also make a great Halloumi Wrap with grilled eggplant and peppers tossed in balsamic and olive oil.  They are smart enough to know that if you serve burgers, you also need to serve fries.  Even better, they make curly fries that are super golden and crispy.  
While they already do a big business in food, less people know just how great their coffee is.  They have a dedicated barista who uses only Lavazza coffee, and in addition to all of the standard drinks, they have some fun things on the menu too.  Like the Forza.  You can get it hot or iced and it is strong.  If you like sweet coffee drinks they also have some very addicting options, like the Lava Crema.  Better than a Frappacino.  Not a fan of coffee?  Try the Red Velet...or the super Lotus milkshake. 

The service is super quick and very helpful.  And like some places here in the city, they also run out to your car to take your order for a takeaway, or hand you your order for a pick up.  You can order online for full delivery as well.  Secret is doing really well making great food and great coffee, I only wish they had a location that was easier to show off what they do.  I can see them doing a huge business in a hotel, or somewhere with lots of foot traffic... but as they say, location, location, location.  I do see them expanding one day.  However, all the better in the meantime to keep things a little quieter for those of us that have discovered it.   

Near Al Hilal Bank, Al Falah Street, Al Dhafrah, Abu Dhabi
        Phone: 02 6665504

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