Mexican {El Sombrero Takeaway}

With all of the Iftars offering up something different for Ramadan dining, you can easily get tired out from the nightly festivities (if you don't get used to it first).  I felt like we needed a break. It was time to skip dragging the little one out precisely at her bedtime, just so that we could take part in another sundown meal that was often rushed and crowded.  This time we did everyone's favorite option, takeaway. Takeaway from the well-known Mexican restaurant staple, El-Sombrero.  They actually offer a whole slew of their Mexican dishes and even party platters primed for taking home...or to someone else's home.

  Mexican food is a rare item here in the capital so I am always looking for an excuse to eat it.  We ordered the party platter which comes with melty cheese empanadas, crispy chicken taquitos, rich lamb babacoa, DIY tacos, chips, guacamole, salsa...and really any number of other El Sombrero favorites that you prefer.  Vegetarian?  No problem, they can make you something special. We ordered the 6-person party platter, although you really couldn't fill 6 people with one platter.  It is more like appetizers for 6.  If you a looking to feed 6 people that have been fasting all day, better to order a few extra dishes.

I was very pleased with how everything was served, hot and fresh.  Even the lettuce was still crisp.  You can impress your friends by telling them you made it yourself, and El Sombrero won't mind at all.  But, they don't do delivery so you will have to stop by to pick it up.  Yet, with their convenient location just off the Corniche, it makes a quick stop. And, they have been known to offer a free margarita for your trouble...

So while everyone else was off rushing into the sunset to find parking, and a seat at the restaurant just in time for dinner service, we avoided it all- calmly with friends at home, digging into our Mexican (fiesta) Iftar.

El Sombrero
Takeaway Menu
Open from 6pm; 7:30pm during Ramadan
Place your order any time by calling 02 697 0238

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