Don't Forget: Enjoy Saturday {Finz- Abu Dhabi}

Beach views, motor boats passing with intertubers in tow, the breeze in your hair and champagne in your glass. No, not the Mediterranean Seaside.  Finz at the Beach Rotana.  They offer a Saturday lunch special that lets you soak up every minute of those lazy Saturday afternoons, with the set menu starting at 2pm and lasting until 6pm.  Prime time for watching the beach goers and enjoying the sunset.

It is a fixed price menu that starts with a selection of homemade breads.  Try the squid ink black roll for a little something different.  Then arrives a large platter of prawns, mussels, oysters, ceviche and tartare that is worthy of the most discerning seafood aficionado.  When you have created a bowl of shells, it is cleared and followed by a delicate bowl of Shellfish Spaghettini. The al dente pasta sits atop an addictingly briny tomato broth with tender shellfish and steamed asparagus.  The main course is your choice of grilled fish, served with a few sides and fresh sauces. While the fish is seasoned so perfectly simple that it needs absolutely nothing, the couscous with pine nuts, and the tahini yogurt sauce were my favorite additions.

Dessert rotates as an assortment of sweets from the daily menu.  For us, the focus was chocolate.  Two miniature chocolate ice cream cones, two dense bites of chocolate tart (with fig!), a small glass jar filled with chewy, moist, dark chocolate macarons.... all complemented by two choux ala creme (cream puffs) with an uber-modern injectable raspberry sauce.

Finz is romantic.  Not only in the generic "kissy kissy" romantic, but in the "everything is gonna be just fine", romantic.  You gaze out onto the sea, eating perfectly prepared seafood, listening to the dj spin, and suddenly that annoying boss and those parking tickets don't seem like all that big of a deal anymore.  And then your glass is refilled and the sun sets, and you can't believe your lazy Saturday meal is already over.

Beach Rotana Hotel
Abu Dhabi

Opening Hours:
Lunch: 12:30 PM - 03:30 PM 
Dinner: 7:00 PM - 11:30 PM 

BAR: 12:30 PM - 3:30 PM 
06:00 PM - 01:00 AM 
Thursday & Friday 
06:00 PM - 02:00 AM


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