BBQ Saturdays {Butcher and Still}

It has been a good forever since I have been to a real American BBQ, and an eternity since I have been to one with great food.  But I can still distinctly remember what pulls me back each time.  The memories of summer.  The smell of juicy hamburgers sizzling on the grill, a table full of side salads and some rich homemade pie for dessert.  Butcher and Still, the Chicago Steakhouse in the Four Seasons, has just launched an American BBQ every Saturday, and it has all that and more. It has a down home feel with a gourmet twist, making us all remember the good things about that All-American culture (i.e other than politics). 
 The country music, the charcoal grill, and the friendly people make it feel Americana, while the amazing cocktails and the duck fat burgers are a little bit of class that I certainly have never had at any BBQ that I have ever been to.  The home made brioche buns were good enough to eat on their own (which I did).  If you are not a burger fan, no fear.  There are many other meaty options: grilled chicken breast, chicken wings, and juicy ribs.  My favorite sides were the sweet seared corn on the cob and the salty, crispy, house made potato chips.  But don't forget dessert.  There was a huge display of beautifully flaky shortcakes and a bowl piled high with clotted cream and juicy ripe strawberries.  And of course there were options, like the decadent chocolate brownie cake, or the apple cobbler with large pieces of perfectly cooked, cinnamon-spiced apples.  So be sure to bring your big American appetite as you can refill your plate as many times as you like.  I think I might be dreaming about those shortcakes tonight.
The Butcher and Still BBQ is surprisingly relaxed and easy going for being in one of the world's most well known 5-star hotel brands.  There are families and couples and friends alike, and jeans are not a requirement but highly recommended as all of the staff are outfitted in theirs, with matching t-shirts. Cowboy hats... are also appreciated.     

Butcher and Stills
Four Seasons Abu Dhabi
Maryah Island
Saturdays 12pm-4pm
+971 2 333 2700
Make reservations online or by phone.


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