Saturday Breakfast at the St Regis

 B offered to watch the newborn last Saturday (well technically I guess at 2+ months, one is not considered "new" anymore!?), so I decided to capitalize on the freedom by taking a quick trip to the hypermarket to get some groceries.  I know, I am wild and crazy!  However, I was so sleepy that while standing in the frozen chicken aisle, staring into the abyss of raw poultry, I realized that I had been pushing my cart around the store all the time keeping it rocking and moving as if it were the stroller holding the Little One on the verge of angst.  I suddenly stopped my rocking, and glanced around over my shoulder (rather awkwardly) to see if anyone had noticed.  Thankfully no one.  Well at least I wasn't talking to my grocery basket!  I could have been mumbling "shhhhh" or any other sputter of baby words as I usually do just to keep her calm. 
 Needless to say whether you are talking to your grocery cart or not, a relaxing brunch on the weekend is always a welcome respite.  Especially when it is somewhere as nice as the St. Regis Abu Dhabi.  However, this brunch was not another of the usual.  This one was the Saturday New York Style All Day Breakfast.  Firstly, I love how the St. Regis understands the importance of natural light.  Entering the dining room, the light marble floors, the high ceilings, and the large windows all fill the room with calm daylight.  The place was filled with all sorts of diners, from large families to singles, which was nice as it makes this 5-star hotel feel relaxed and welcoming (but the St. Regis is always good at that).   
My first tip is to arrive at about 11am. The hot plate section of the brunch switches over from breakfast to lunch at about 11:30 so arriving a little before allows you to have a full look at the hot breakfast plates, before they switch them over to lunch offerings.  All other breakfast items (pastries, cereal, waffles, pancakes, etc...) stay all day. There was a delicious vegetable curry and the hottest, crunchiest hash browns that I have ever tasted, both served during the breakfast hour.  Not to mention you can order your eggs as you like.  The Chef made me a fantastic smoked salmon omelet. Then when lunch arrived, I was actually even more impressed.  The pastas were perfectly al dente, and the fluffy seafood paella was brightly flavored with saffron and sheltered with seafood.    

The offering was vast, especially for the very affordable price (145 aed/ $40 before tax) compared to other brunches, and even those not at a 5-star property!  There was a full section of pastries with four types of croissants, little muffins, cakes and fresh breads (and bagels!).  There was a dedicated waffle/pancake/french toast and crepe section that had toppings galore to allow you to go as decadent or as simple.   And, for those expats who live in exile from their favorite food, don't despair! There is a whole table of pork products.

One of my favorite sections was something like an American smoothie shop.  There are yogurt parfaits, muesli cups, bowls and bowls of fresh cut fruit, fresh squeezed juices (both fruit and veg) and milkshakes galore.  Chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, banana....just to name a few.  There is just something so amazing about a good milkshake.  The thick satisfying creamy sweetness.  Earlier this year I wondered if I could live on milkshakes for a week...but I promptly got Gestational Diabetes, so I figured it was a sign.

So if you miss out on Friday's brunching, or if you just want something other than cold pizza on Saturday morning, The St. Regis knows how to host a gratifying breakfast feast.  I bet they might even let you show up in your pajamas....well, maybe least comb your hair.


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Saturday New York style Breakfast
Whether you’re craving sweet French toast, fluffy pancakes or savory eggs benedicts, the Terrace is serving it all. Inspired by classic New York style breakfast options, you can help yourself to a dedicated cereal stand, an a la carte egg menu and a waffle and pancake station.
• every Saturday, 6:30am - 3:00pm
• AED 145* per person
 Under 12 years half price I Under 6 years complimentary
*All prices exclude 10% service charge, 6% tourism fee and 4% municipality fee
For additional information please call +971 2 694 4553 or email


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