Dahlia Spa {Swiss Perfection Experience}

On the night of the US election, there was no better place to be than burying my head into the soft face pillow in the calming massage room at Dahlia Spa at the Four Seasons Abu Dhabi.  From the moment you arrive you are pampered with the absolute utmost care.  I was immediately handed a glass of champagne, which I sipped while reclining in wait on the heated contoured lounge chairs.  Suddenly whatever was going on before I arrived, lost all importance.  I was here to experience the exclusive Swiss Perfection Cellular Firming Body Treatment, which targets your skin's loss of firmness through the use of an intense scrub, and then a relaxing full body wrap. (Perfect for us new moms with a little extra looseness around the midsection).  Swiss Perfection is a Swiss brand built on technological scientific research.  No frills, just serious products that work.  It is being featured now at Dahlia Spa, and hopefully it will be there for a long time.  But, every few months the spa presents something new or evolves their treatments to keep customers excited. The incredibly down to earth French Director, Christelle, calls her spa "alive".
My session began in the dimly lit beautiful treatment room, with a foot soak and brief foot rub.  I chatted with my therapist, Janet (who was amazing), who warned me that my experience might not be relaxing since her goal is to invigorate the skin.  But, when you are in such a beautiful calming spa... I did find it very relaxing nonetheless.  As I laid back on the massage table, she started the initial scrub.  Janet was admirably strong and she checked with me a few times to see if I wanted more or less pressure, while she massaged the sandy exfoliation cream into my skin.  I loved that she was also so knowledgeable each of the Swiss Perfection products that she was using.  When she was finished, I hopped into the in-room shower to wash it off, in preparation for the next step: application of the Firming Gel. Again I got a lovely massage!  And then wrapped up warmly in the sheets so that the product could work its magic.  During the next twenty minutes she gave me an extended foot massage, head and face massage! 

While I wanted it to last forever (umm..can you just repeat please?), it was time to rinse off again in preparation for the final application of the Swiss Perfection Moisturizer.  After the final massage, (and in a total of 90 minutes flat from start to finish), my skin already felt incredibly smooth and smelled absolutely amazing.  I took a few extra minutes to experience the serenity of the Relaxation Room down the hall, where you can have tea and some healthy snacks (for as long as you like) before unfortunately having to return to reality. 

From the fluffy robes and cushy sandals to the luxurious Swiss Perfection products, the entire experience was one of life's incredible treats.  The only problem was that I did not allow myself nearly enough time to spend enjoying the facilities.  I am getting a stomachache thinking about the beautiful sauna, the hypro pool, the ice fountain and even the fitness center, that are all completely free for your use when you book a spa treatment. (There is also a Hammam for separate charge.) How wonderful is that?? 
Christelle and her team have created a fantastic experience for their clients and you can feel the friendly and impeccable Four Seasons service intertwined throughout.  It also doesn't hurt that the facilities are top of the line and brand new. Dahlia Spa is really testing the competition here in Abu Dhabi, and so far, leading the way. 

Dahlia Spa at Four Seasons Abu Dhabi
Spa Treatments available from 9am to 9pm daily
Tel: 971 (2) 333 2222




  1. I love going to spas where people are informed on what they are actually using and doing. It makes me feel more comfortable knowing that they are professionals, and I'm not just there in vain. If I were you, I would be there everyday taking advantage of their fitness room and pool! You can't beat a good pool workout!


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