Italian Dairy Products {Made With Local Emirati Milk}

    One of the most difficult things about being a cook/ baker in Abu Dhabi is knowing where to find really good quality ingredients that won't break the bank.  After can get almost anything you want here if you are willing to pay a pretty price for it.  For example: Kefir (the very popular fermented drink found almost everywhere in much of the US and Europe for about $3/liter)  Here in the UAE, you can expect to pay at least $8...and you may only find one or two flavors, if you call "plain" a flavor.
    So when I came across Italian Dairy Products, I was pretty interested.  I was really curious if these Italians could really make cheese as good as they can in Italy, WHILE using all local Emirati animal milks.  Well it turns out, they can!  Their factory is in the emirate of Sharjah, where they are able to operate in a Free Zone (very smart).  This allows them to operate more autonomously, and therefore keep more control of their business.  They sell a number of different products but some of my favorites are the fresh ricotta, and the buffalo milk mozzarella, not to mention, everyone's favorite these days.....burrata.  The best part is that with their business model (which allows them to use their artisan skills with local ingredients), they create a very high quality product with a completely manageable price for the customer.  In Abu Dhabi they have been mostly selling in bulk to hotels and restaurants...and you if you have been lucky you might occasionally have found the ricotta hidden behind the counter at Carrefour....but now...they will be offering HOME DELIVERY!!
Starting in September, you can place an order for whatever you like, ricotta, mozzarella, etc, in multiple shapes and forms (ciliegine -cherry sized, bocconcini, nodini-braided, etc) Their packaging is pretty sweet too.  The cheeses come in little black buckets, sealed nicely with a plastic band that you have to pop open, so you know it has not been opened previously.
So, check it out...the value is really miles ahead of what you will pick up at your local Hypermarket, or even at your chi-chi Waitrose/ Spinney's.   For inline ordering, download the app, and use promo code #applesiiapples#.  


  1. Wonderful!! What a good business model! Can't wait to try it!


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