A Weekday Breakfast

    Finishing an extensive search, I found some wilting lettuce, a refrigerator door full of condiments, a large bottle of barrel aged maple syrup and some dried beans.  After traveling for the last weekend, we chose to arrive back into town at the last moment possible.  Just a few hours before needing to get back to work early the next morning.  In trade-off for trying to eek out every last moment of holiday, we had nothing to eat in the house, and I had personally brought back a hacking cold from the still-chilly north of Europe.

 From the title you may think that this is a post on how to efficiently prepare boiled eggs or how to make a great breakfast sandwich the night before, sealing it tightly in a Ziploc bag, so that you can rush off to work while eating...  On the contrary.  Instead of trying to fight our uphill battle, we decided to embrace it.  Before we both had to jump back into our regular schedules, with our jet lag, and my excuse of illness, we decided to try the local Aqua Restaurant at the Rosewood Hotel for their weekday breakfast.  It was a simple, but all encompassing meal of everything that you could want.  Fruit, pastries, yogurts, cereals, and my favorite bircher museli on the lighter side, while main dish choices were pancakes, waffles, eggs, roasted meats, a Lebanese spread and anything you could think of to order from the short order chef.

All coffees, teas and waters are also included with your meal, not to mention an array of juices and a few smoothies.  While this buffet is smaller than those at some other luxury hotels in Abu Dhabi, it feels more quaint.  The quality is excellent, the food is fresh and the staff is friendly.  Maybe we will have to have empty cupboards more often.

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