Belgravia Christmas Market

The Christmas markets are popping up around town these days.  Here are some photos from the Belgravia Market.  It was packed with couples, children, sweets, hot drinks and gifts for everyone on your list.

 Christmas wreaths.

 Amazingly delicious whiskeys.  Taste any that you like.  I tasted a few, but my favorite was the second in from the right.  Bunnahabhain 25 year from Islay.  Described as: " dried fruits, with mellow base notes, and one of the few from Islay that is not smoky"....£105! No wonder it was so delicious. 

 Real fur hats.  

The Christmas Queens.

Handmade leather books

Butter croissants and shortbread cookies from the famous Polaine Bakery.

 Gingerbread...I wonder who is cheaper the Boys or the Girls??



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