Salon Du Chocolat


    I was able to experience a chocolate lover's dream today as I was invited to attend the Salon Du Chocolat in London's Olympia Exhibition hall.  This is a three day conference of chocolatiers that come together from mostly around Europe to show off their best products and compete for winner of the the Best Taste awards of 2013.  

There was everything from 100% pure cocoa bars from Madagascar, to white chocolate Machta green tea bars made right here in England. The chocolate and Sea Salt, or Sea Salt and Caramel combination was very popular, but I found that Prestat (the Queen's favorite) had one of the best offerings: A bar of Equatorial dark chocolate with pink Himalayan salt. There were bars, truffles, hot cocoa and even lots of soft torrone from Provence (France) and Switzerland.

 Truffles made in Scotland with cocoa, Scottish whole cream and pure butter.

This fantastic bean to bar producer is located completely in Vietnam.  The chocolate makers were even at the show to personally represent their product. 

Melt offered fresh chocolate, made in London.  It is best eaten in no more than a few weeks...not a problem.  Great interesting flavors, such as white chocolate with Strawberry and Tarragon, and Milk chocolate with dried passion fruit.

This was the best seasonal offering from Artisan du Chocolat.  The box glows in the dark, while the chocolate truffles contain pecan pie artisan praline, dark chocolate chewy salted caramel, vanilla wafer praline and blood orange ganache. Artisan du Chocolat never seems to disappoint.

  While I must admit that I did leave with a tummy ache and a sugar high, it was the price to pay to be able taste and understand lots of different types of chocolate, while meeting some really passionate producers.    


  1. I can't believe all the Torrone!! This sounds like it was an awesome experience. I hope you brought salty potato crisps with you to alternate sweet and salty. :)


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