A Paris Memoir


While working long hours from home, I sometimes watch out the window as the federal office-workers buzz back and forth between their buildings and the Starbucks on the corner...all day long.  Well, they are not buzzing actually, they are more wobbling down the street, slowly as if trying to take as much time as humanly possible to be away from their desks.  With all that excitement during this bleak winter month, I have somehow started dreaming of Paris.  I have actually been to Paris a few times, and the last time, I left never wanting to return.  A few mishaps occurred that left me with a very bad Parisian taste in my mouth.  I am not a romantic (as much as I sometime try to be) and I know that there are many good and bad things about all cities, but I suppose that now I am finally ready to forgive Paris.  (Or maybe it is just more like when years later, all you can remember are the good things about that old boyfriend or girlfriend that you did nothing but argue with?)  Any how...I think about how I would like to go to a French cafe to buy those perfect flaky croissants and tiny beautifully constructed fruit tarts.  I want to walk down the rainy sidewalks that are crowded by beautiful ornate buildings. I  am not sure why or what started this, but this book really did not help to make me stop wishing I could trade my peanut butter and banana sandwich for a fresh crusty baguette and a delicious ripe creamy brie.

    Paris in Love: A Memoir, written by the NYT best-selling author Eloisa James is a relaxing read about life as an expat American in Paris.  Now, with that description, you may want to roll your eyes as if to say "here we go, again"..., however Eloisa James is different.  

After facing a scare with breast cancer, she decides to uproot her supportive Italian husband and their two children from their suburban New Jersey life, to move to Paris.  She describes their life as it happens, in the flow of small short paragraphs.  She blends the humour and beauty of everyday life with the intricacies of living in Paris... and even through it all...I can see myself living in and loving that crazy city.  I have spent the last week asking Brian if there is any possible way that we could move there.  He told me we could go for a week...well I am not giving up yet...a little more pushing and it will become a month.

Check out this short teaser video below,with he author and her husband.


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