Five Stars for Three Twins

As summertime is rolling to a finish, I am finally finding a new ice cream that peaks my interest. Since my Jenni's post, over a year ago, I spent some time creating my own gelato (vanilla-plum, lavender-honey, hazelnut, name a few...).  Realizing that it was so incredibly easy to make a fantastically flavorful gelato on my own (with the help of an ice cream maker), that I have not been all too excited about purchasing any of those ice creams or gelato that I have comes across. Until now.
    It could be because I haven't been able to get to my ice cream maker, and haven't had the company to share pints of home-made gelato, but while strolling through my local Whole Foods last weekend, I came across a smaller producer of simple, organic ice cream, from my home town, the Bay Area, called Three Twins. You can recognize their product by the bright green containers and the cartoon drawings of the "three twins". The "three twins" name actually came about when the founder Neal, while taking business classes, had to move into a small San Francisco apartment with his twin brother and his brother's fiancĂ©e.  They began referring to themselves as the "three twins".

 According to their website, the Three Twins' goal is to make organic ice cream accessible and affordable to all. While perhaps not everyone should spend roughly $4-$5 for a pint of ice is definitely no more than the cost of Ben and Jerry's, and yet it is worlds better, and better for you.
 I bought the very trendy flavor of Sea Salted Caramel, and what I immediately liked best was that the ingredients were all things that I actually knew what they looked like: cream, cane sugar, milk, tapioca syrup, egg yolks, sea salt and vanilla extract...and all organic.
 The flavor was of a creamy caramel with a touch of sea salt, just as the name would suggest. The texture was smooth; a perfectly balanced lightness, against the dense creaminess that you expect of an ice cream. Next I plan to scoop up some of Dad's Cardamom: organic milk, organic cream, organic evaporated cane juice, organic egg yolks, organic nonfat milk, organic vanilla extract, organic cardamom.

When I find a small business that has made it big (being sold in 35 states) while not compromising on ingredients and quality, and while still offering their product at a reasonable price. I get really excited!  They have a few scoop shops and an ice cream truck all located in the Bay Area, so next time I am out that way visiting the family, I'll be dragging my sister along for some company and heading for an ice cream cone.  Give Three Twins a try if you see it in your local shop, if not, give another small producer a never know, you may find yourself writing a blog post about how impressed you are.  


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