'Made In Italy' For Her Majesty

This weekend is the Queen's Jubilee Party...which means that Brits from all over the world have returned to London to celebrate Her Majesty's 60 years of service.  I wish I had gone into the business of selling British flags last week, because they were suddenly everywhere today...park benches, Indian restaurants, cars (hanging out of the window), planter boxes and even high-end clubs had attached them to their red velvet ropes.  In other words, if you were not waving the flag- you must be anti-Queen, and how could you be? Everyone loves the QUEEN!    

Apparently all the Queens are getting into the festivities this weekend.  Those soldiers have some nice uniforms.

I was, contrarily, tempted into an Italian restaurant that was nestled quaintly amongst all of the Britishness.  On Kings Road in the famous Chelsea district, I had heard much about Made in Italy.  Not feeling the least bit hungry, I convinced myself that I probably needed some nourishment for some reason or another and so went in for a Funghetto pizza and a Peroni Reserva (dark)- for take away.  Everyone was jovial, friendly and welcoming...only tempting me to stay.  Maybe I could manage to eat a few cannoli from the dessert menu...and watch them cook in their fiery wood burning oven? 

After only a short walk home, I couldn't resist the rich, earthy smell of the truffle oil wafting from the box.  A soft chewy Neapolitan crust, with mushrooms, truffle oil and fresh rocket. A bit surprised, but very happy to again have found another excellent pizza in London.      


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