Rugby Rituals

 Today I spent the majority of the first full sunny Spring day at Twickenham Stadium at the famed Rugby Sevens.  Which means it was Rugby all day from 10:30 am to 8:30 pm.  It was a true immersion into British culture.  I learned the English Rugby dance where you point your index fingers up towards the sky and alternate moving your arms up and down while singing a little "do do do" tune for 20 seconds.  It is really pretty fun actually.  
One of the best things, however, was that the crowd does not just come dressed in their favorite team's colors or a jersey of their favorite player, for the Rugby Sevens, everyone dresses up.  And I mean they dress up like it is the last Halloween on earth- but of course that means a costume that is easy to drink lots of beer in.  Beer, by the way comes in plastic cups with lids (and a straw if you like). 
It was sort of the Woodstock of Rugby.  No one was rowdy.  Everyone was just having a grand ol' British day of fun.
Below are a few of my favorite sights from the day.

Lots of Rugby men.

Lots of men, dressed as women

Costumes...or lack of... please note that it is only 60 degrees at best in the sun.

 The famous English male ritual of drinking beer out of your mate's shoe...yum

The USA losing

Not too sure.

Any reason to put on a wig and a pair of colorful shorts.


Too drunk to stand up any longer.


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