The Ultimate Grilled Cheese

 This past weekend was yet again another cold and gray morning.  Just as we all thought that Spring was undoubtedly in the air, Winter peaked around the corner, just to let us know that he had not left just yet.  However, I am quite happy to get a little more use out of my heavy winter sweaters before putting them away from another nine months, and as I mentioned before, cold weather means hearty food! 
 This past Saturday Brian was visiting, so we headed out to the Borough Market to get some delicious eats.  After a long walk around the market, in and out of stalls, tasting and smelling all of the incredible delights we landed for lunch at the Raclette sandwich stand. 

For those of you that may not have been introduced to this addiction yet, Raclette is both a type of cheese (semi-firm cows milk) and also a dish originally from Switzerland, in which the Raclette cheese is melted and then scraped off onto your dish.  You then eat it with small potatoes, pickled onions, bread, gerkins or thinly sliced meats.
The rich, buttery smell was wafting in the air from three stalls away, so there was no hope but to concede.  While the line was at least 6 people long, these guys definitely had their sandwich making down to a science.  One guy takes the money and hands out tickets to the customers.  Then you stand and watch, mouth watering, as the two griddlers prepare one of the best meals you will ever eat.  For the sandwich, the Raclette is grated and placed between two large slices of hearty French wheat bread.

It is then simply grilled on a very hot griddle and pressed flat so that the cheese oozes out, while melting onto the outside of the bread as well as the inside.  The secret is also that the griddle master will delicately lift the top slice of bread and add a small tablespoon of fresh onions (red and green) as the cheese melts. 

The result is a crispy, snack of utter heaven.  Imagine the most incredible grilled cheese that you can think of.  Crispy, flavorful and you hope that it will never end.  

I really hope that these guys are still going to be selling at the market in the middle of summer.  Otherwise, I may need to just go an buy one of those 6kg wheels of Raclette for myself.


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