Easter Weekend...Not an Easter Egg in sight

This Easter weekend was longer than any Easter weekend that I have spent in the US. Here in the UK, both Good Friday and also Easter Monday are holidays.  Since it was a cold and rainy four day span, I spent most of my time shuffling through the streets, avoiding getting hit by a double decker bus as they tend to barrel down the tiny roads, and staying out of the puddles as much as possible.  On Saturday I headed over to East London to get my hair chopped off.  It actually turned out better that I expected...even if it was a bit shorter than I expected.  I went in with a long bob, and came out with something like Emma Watson's pixie cut. Not too shabby- just takes a little getting used to.  On Sunday, as the rain kept falling I decided to head over to Southbank to get some good food.  That always tends to brighten the day.  It was the Easter Real Food Fest  which is really just a reason for everyone to get out of the house and eat some amazing food.  Some of my favorites are below.

A whole hog roast.  They were actually kind enough to have removed the head


 Polish sausages and sauerkraut

Fabulous, fabulous curries.  Chicken, lamb and also a veggie, with lots of roast cauliflower, potatoes, peppers, and fresh herbs. 

Arancini...with a not so romantic description.

French potato dish with baby potatoes, lots of melted cheese, bits of ham and onions. Such a comfort food dish.

Sparkling wine of all shapes and sizes.  I wanted to buy a case of the tiny little baby ones!!

Fantastic Mediterranean food

These were delicious.  Goat cheese, fresh cherry tomatoes, red onions and spinach.  So light and flavorful.

There was also one organic beef farm grilling up hot burgers then melting a nice chunk of  the local Stichelton Blue cheese, and topping it off with a little spicy rocket.

This is the kind of place, that takes such pride in creating such a high quality locally produced product, that it makes me question why I am vegetarian.  Oh yea, and not to mention the incredible smell of grilling fresh beef on a cold blustery day.

And of course there were the usual coloful bins of Turkish Delights that you could buy a pound of and finish before you even leave the market.

After all that beautiful food I decided to start my walk home along the Thames.  The London Eye was buzzing along, with a line of tourists waiting to dish out their $25 plus, for a thirty minute ride on a glorified Ferris Wheel.  The things we do when we are on vacation... 

Mickey Mouse and some big chicken were near by to pose for pictures with the kiddies.

I considered a photo with the chicken to send home to friends and family as a memento of how I spent my Easter, but instead decided to take the foot path back across the river, which just happened to pass me by GINO Gelato.  Which I could not pass up.  I opted for peanut butter (yes, I suppose I am missing a bit of America) and dark chocolate.

Photo courtesy of laissezfare.wordpress
   Hope everyone had a nice weekend, whatever you did.  I know at least one guy (Brian) who spent his Easter hunting down savory pies in DC, since he was in withdrawal after discovering some fabulous ones on his recent trip to the UK.  


  1. ummm, who are the tiny sparkling wine baby bottle by?


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