Sipping at Salt


The London skies were gray, but the temperature managed to rise about 4 degrees F, which I was thrilled about.  My goal on this dreary Sunday was to wander through the British Museum...a task I meant to attempt last weekend but the super slushy sidewalks kept me at home, not wanting to slip and slide down the London streets in my sneakers. 

 However, the museum itself was not going to pull me out of my cozy bed covers, but a quick stop into Salt in Covent Garden, definitely would.  Salt is a delicious new cafe serving home-made bread and pastries, not to mention delicious Square Mile coffee- brewed perfectly. The feeling of the place is airy and modern yet rustic with wooden seats and table tops.  It feels earthy and clean, like one of those beautifully flaky sea salts... maybe? 

I opted for an Americano with just a bit of steamed milk, and a granola with yogurt and fresh papaya.  The yogurt was the thickest and creamiest that I have ever tasted.  When I asked the owner about it, telling him it was the most delicious that I have ever tasted,  he agreed and said that it was from Greece...Kolios brand...but that it is practically impossible to find in the UK. least I know I can get it at Salt.  It was not so tart as some "Greek yogurts", but just smooth and creamy.  The homemade granola was crispy, flavorful and full of toasted seeds and nuts.

Finding such a great coffee place makes me wish that I lived right above it, or maybe even that I could get a weekend job working there.  A place that really takes pride in their coffee and tea, and also manages to make it well, and be friendly at the same time, is a gem.  

I did eventually make it to the British Museum and managed to spend about three hours there browsing. It was fairly easy to do with the huge collections and the weather outside being so cold and rainy...and maybe aided by the fact that I was buzzing along after my perfect espresso.


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