Just Week One

The first week in London has been great, meaning that I survived it.  Starting it off with a car accident on the way to the airport (forcing me to say goodbye to Brian in the middle of the freeway on a blustery winter afternoon), things could pretty much only go upwards...
For one, I managed to find one of my favorite snacks. Chili spiced parsnip crisps- made right here in England.

Crispy, salty, spicy and utterly delicious.

After a long week at work, I wanted to keep the weekend simple and relaxing, so I decided to reacquaint myself with the neighborhood. (I had lived here for a month before).  Even though it was a cold winter day, there was no rain, and the sun kept trying to peak through.  

Love the chimney tops.

For dinner on Saturday, I met a colleague and headed over to The Queen's Arms in Kensington.  It is a nice pub, with a nice crowd of patrons. It also serves great food...a necessity for me, even if I am not eating.  I have not yet fallen for English beers, so I picked this pub since it has some good Belgian ones on tap. Half pint to begin... 

My colleague got a pint, like a real pub goer...

This was a winter spice ale...served almost at room temperature, a bit warmer than most Americans might expect.

After a night at the pub, I got a little sleep, and got up the next day to take a walk into Knightsbridge for a some window shopping.  (I found Brian's favorite...for a hefty price) 

but mostly for the Victoria and Albert Museum.  The V&A is one of the nicest in the city.  A huge hanging sculpture by Chihuly welcomes you inside the marble atrium.

There are lots of historical materials arts...glass, metal, wood...very neat stuff.

Anyone need a royal blue iron gate from Germany?. 

With a lot of work already on my plate for the week to come, I enjoyed some time taking in a little of the city.  The weather was cold and gray but everyone keeps telling me that Spring is just around the corner, and soon the daffodils will be blooming.  I have yet to see where the daffodils could possibly be hiding, and I think it may be just a bit of that British optimism... but I certainly appreciate the outlook!       


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