Living It

    I was riding my bike down K St. last week in DC, as I passed a convertible Nissan Z, stuck in traffic, blaring Kanye West.  While I am not a huge Kanye fan, what I heard was actually one of my favorite songs.  It just has that ability to make you want to bounce your shoulders up and down and dance a little.  "Welcome to the good life..."....Kanye sang...."Throw your hands up in the skyyy..." 
While I was really tempted, I kept my hands on  the handle bars and thought of the ways that I try to live the good life (as in healthy and happy)...besides Kanye's examples of champagne on a plane, and driving a Ferrari of course..  Here is a list of a just a few everyday things, that I hope you can all relate to a little easier...

My Bicycle.

I love my bike, not only because it gets me around the city quickly, dodging traffic, but because it helps me to use up that extra pent up energy from sitting at the computer all day. I don't have to ride fast, I just like to feel the wind in my face and see the people passing on the street.

Greek Yogurt
   One of my favorite healthy foods, these days, is Greek yogurt.  I have been eating Greek yogurt for a few years, but just recently, I have really started to love it. I am in a phase of  blending it into fresh berry smoothies to make them thick and creamy.

  If you are not a Greek yogurt fan yet, you will have to find your favorite.  Each is a little different in taste and texture.  As a snack I have been eating these from FAGE.

Greek yogurt provides a beneficial blend of nutrients, especially protein, and is relatively low in calories and sugar compared to regular yogurt.  I find it much more satisfying.


Being able to share a drink or cook a meal with friends and family is a special privilege.  With our busy lives, it is not often that everyone has time to get together.  Making time to eat, laugh, and enjoy each other's company,

even if it just over a batch of freshly baked cookies, has been known to make people happier and more relaxed.

On most nights I eat alone (which admittedly is nice in its own way), but it also makes having company something a bit more special.


While getting ready for travel can sometimes be stressful (well ok, usually stressful, for me), I always enjoy experiencing new places, (or returning to an old favorite) meeting new people, and just as importantly, it makes me appreciate coming back home again. 

Although I could go on and on, there is just a quick sample of a few ways that I recreate my own version of "The Good Life".  Kanye would be so proud.  So don't be surprised if he interrupts the next music awards show to tell everyone that this is the best blog of all time.  Also, as part of the Foodbuzz Featured Publisher program, I have been entered for the chance to win a trip to Greece courtesy of FAGE. But you don't have to write a blog to enter to win.  You can enter to win one of three trips to the economically struggling, yet oh so beautiful, Greece, by entering the FAGE Plain Extraordinary Greek Getaway here.  Check it out.


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