Moving In

At 8am my alarm went off, but I was still way too tired from running around doing errands and then working till midnight or later.  "We have to get up.", I mumbled to Brian, "The movers will be here soon...they said between 8 and 9".  Brian rolled over, "Good, so seeing how things have been going with them, they won't be here till 9".  I smiled, but got up anyway.  I didn't want anything to keep us from getting our furniture.  As I was getting dressed, about 5 minutes later, I heard Brian get out of bed and open the shades. "Uh oh!  That's our moving truck arriving right now!". I threw on some torn jean shorts and a tank top....

    About 2 hours later our empty place looked like this, with just a walkway left between rooms.

And the bicycle was in the kitchen blocking my way to the sink, trashcan and dishwasher.

I decided to tackle the kitchen first (my favorite room, of course), while Brian took on the bedroom, and his closet (his favorite room).

 Below is the paper that I wrapped all of my knives in, so that no one would get hurt moving them... and also so that no one would touch them.

After 8 hours of unpacking and organizing perseverance ...the place actually looked significantly better....

   While there is still a den full of pictures, and a few pieces of furniture that we just don't know where to put...because there is no where to put them...we are happy to be sitting on chairs again, and very happy to be be able to get back to cooking.  Tonight is spicy chickpeas and farro!


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