Maine Ave. Fish

In preparation for the weekend (specifically my cooking plans) we headed down to the Maine Ave. Fish Market in DC, which I had heard about many times, but I had actually never been to.  It is situated right on the water (on the wharf) , where it should be.  After grabbing the last parking spot, right in the middle of a large fishy smelling puddle,... we jumped out (around the puddle) into the bright afternoon heat and started browsing the numerous stalls.  

There were mounds of freshly caught, bright-eyed fish.

 I was really impressed with the offering.  While there was not an enormous selection of many different types of exotic seafood, but there was a great selection of about 25 kinds of the most local fish, shellfish, and oysters.  And all at pretty good prices.

The vendors were all very helpful and with all the customers, they also provided quick service.  They will clean your fish for you to cook later, or steam crabs and shrimp (request the special spice dusting) for you to eat on the spot.  

These are the beautiful live and squirming Blue Crabs.

We even got to sample a whole freshly cooked small crab.  Meaty and delicious.

 The fish market was definitely worth the trip and I would call it one of the best places to buy seafood in the District. After eating a handful of spicy boiled shrimp and that delicious crab, we left with a 2 lb black bass cleaned and ready to cook...  


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