Just another Saturday in the District

On our first day settled in, last Saturday morning we took the bikes out for a spin...the first real spin in the city.  Truth is, since we put the bikes together, I wanted to be sure that they were not going to just collapse into a pile of aluminum and screws when we hit the streets...  So far so good.  
 It was amazing to see all of the tourists out and about enjoying their vacations.  First stop, I met Brian, after his Ultimate game, at the Washington Monument.   
Although the skies were gray and overcast, it was at least 85 degrees and very humid.  From the Monument we rode up to the White House where the Slut Walk was gathering.  We had heard so much about the numerous Slut Walks happening all over the world, so we wanted to check out DC's and at the same time offer a little support. We were tempted, but no, we did not strip down and march.

These guys wanted some of their own attention, but they were mostly ignored.  Their signs really did not make any sense...
Next stop, the Farmers Market at 14th and U...so we rode another 15 blocks to be well rewarded when we arrived.   Tons of beautiful tomatoes!

As I was finishing up at the market, the sky started getting darker and the wind was picking up. Riding home across the city, tiny sprinkles started to fall.  We rounded the corner into our garage, just as one large raindrop landed on my face.  We parked our bikes and took our purchases upstairs...just in time to miss getting caught in this.
By this point we were starving so we stuffed our black bass from the Maine Ave fish market, with fresh basil, and a few slices of lemon, salt, pepper and oliveoil, and grilled him up (in between rain storms), along with some summer squash.
The meat was delicate, flavorful from the grill, and perfect with an extra squeeze of lemon.
I also took the sweet cherry tomatoes, 
and the fragrant fresh basil (both from the market),
added some nutty extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper (and a little Manchego) to make a salad. So refreshing.
Even though everyone is right when they tell you that summer in DC is hot, humid and packed with tourists...I think I will somehow survive.


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