Noodle Cat Creeps Out of the Bag

I was lucky enough to be called in to sample the incredibly awaited fare at Noodle Cat, in downtown Cleveland, on their coveted Friends and Family pre-opening night.  Noodle Cat, for those of you out of the loop, is the incredible Japanese noodle house created by the famous Chef Sawyer of Greenhouse Tavern, which is slated to open, this coming Tuesday July 19th.  Noodle Cat's plan is simple, fresh and delicious Japanese influenced noodle dishes (and maybe a few other dishes too).
  The noodles are super fresh and made in house.  The flavors are clean, salty, and perfect for slurping.  We started with the bright cucumber miso appetizer,

which featured fresh local crispy cucumbers with three types of miso (including a spicy miso).  We also had the amazing chicken wings,

which I have raved about before, and the pickled plate.  For dinner, we all ordered one each of the entrees.  I managed to finish off the udon with silken tofu and mushrooms in a seaweed broth,

while also tasting the shredded pork ramen, the pork belly ramen, and the soba noodles.

 All were excellent.  If Chef Sawyer runs Noodle Cat anything like he does Greenhouse, it is sure to be a humongous success.  If you love Japanese, get in line on Tuesday.  I'll see you there.


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