Humble, Heavenly, Floriole

    Sometime you come across a diamond in the rough.  While Chicago is not exactly what I would refer to as the rough, well not all of it, that is, Floriole is definitely a gem.  It is a small, simply decorated, and perfectly clean bakery very near to DePaul University, and not far from the beautiful Lincoln Park. 

 The white marble counter tops and dark wood flooring, accent the tall ceilings and large front windows looking out on to the quaint Webster street.  Floriole started out with only a tented stand at the famous Green City market, and grew into their beautiful space in spring of 2010.  
  As we arrived in the late afternoon, I was expecting the place to be rather quiet, and rather out of their daily baked goods.  However, the bakery was actually quiet busy, and they thankfully still had plenty for me to eat!  After a 6 hour drive in the cloudy drizzle, my cappuccino never tasted so delicious.

The steamed milk was perfectly thick and creamy, while the coffee was rich and smooth.  I sliced into a vanilla cake which was slightly sweet (but not too), with a caramel hint.  It was a bit crispy on the outside, while fluffy and moist inside. I could have easily eaten three.

I also got a small Peanut Butter and Jelly Cookie, that was the most amazing cookie I have ever tasted.  It was two incredibly moist small peanut better cookies held together with a slather of fresh berry jam.  I was planning to save it for later, but I ended up sneaking a bite, and then buying another... 

    While it is a bakery, they do more than just sweets.  Brian went for the savory side of things with a fresh baguette sandwich, and a freshly brewed pomegranate-green tea.  

We tried a few other things and left the bakery with a few snacks for later.  The rhubarb crisp was so fresh, but yet rich and buttery with a shadow of nutty brown sugar.  We ended up snacking on this slowly...for the next two days.

While their special of the day was Madelines,

 I could not pass up the brioche loaf, as I have become a brioche fanatic in the past year or so.  This was no let down.  It was soft, fluffy and perfect to eat with sweet jam, savory avocado, or just on its own.

Thanks Floriole, for welcoming us so warmly into the Windy City....and the pouring/cold/thundering Memorial Day weekend.  If only the rest of our weekend has gone as lovely, I would not right now have to be so concerned about paying this City of Chicago parking ticket. 


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