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Although it still feels (and looks) like winter, this weekend, we took a last minute ride out of town with our two friends (Raji and Dilshire) to visit our lovely neighbor to the north, Canada.  About an hour and a half after an 11pm boarder crossing and a few jokes from the boarder agent about Brian's model-like passport picture, we finally arrived in Toronto.  This was my first trip to the city, and what a fantastic place, especially if you take an interest in great restaurants, fabulous food markets and artisan specialty products.  Not to mention some beautiful scenery, great shopping, and museums.  

Even after a late night/early morning arrival, we slept a few hours and got up to start out on our day of sightseeing.  First stop was the St. Lawrence Market, which is a huge indoor market selling all types of food, and related items of all sorts.

There were many different freshly picked vegetables, and warm breads just out of the oven.

The pasta shop was making spinach and ricotta ravioli.

After lots of shopping and a little tasting. We grabbed a fruit smoothie and headed towards our next stop, about 1/2 a mile away...the historic Distillery District. 

After hearing some amazing recommendations from my fellow bloggers, we were headed to SOMA chocolates for some really amazing treats (perfect, just in time for lunch).  SOMA is one of the few chocolate makers in North America that makes chocolate in small batches, directly from the cacao bean (Bean to Bar).  You can watch some of their production through the glass right in the shop.  

They make an incredible assortment of chocolates, Italian cookies, hot cocoa and even some cocoa covered corn nuts! 


We continued the day meandering through the streets, stopping to eat and shop, and take in Toronto life for this very short trip.

Before we knew it, the sun was setting, and our legs were worn out. 

We made a last stop at Reposado tequila bar, before calling it a day.  

I am not even a big fan of tequila, but the bar was very eclectic and the drinks were fantastic. A perfect way to end the day.  If you have any favorites in Toronto, please share.  I have a feeling I will be back soon.  


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