Sweet Cleveland.

Cleveland really loves it's ice cream.  Here it is the end of March and Sweet Moses, a re-created old-time soda shop, is having its grand opening. What a perfect day for ice cream...sunny, blue skies... and 30 degrees.  Honestly, this soda shop has so much more than just ice cream.  
There are chocolates,

 and rocky road,

 and toffee,

 and much more.  The best part, of course, is that they make all of their ice cream, toppings, sauces, chocolates, and candies in house.   Today, being the opening day celebration, they were handing out samples of their different treats and mini ice-cream cones that gathered a fan base immediately. 

Although, I have only gone to an authentic soda fountain once or twice...I remember travelling through California with my family and my parents suddenly decided that we need to let the kids out to breathe for little.  So we stopped to get ice cream in some small town with no stop light.  Sweet Moses takes that old time sweetness and makes it new and shiny.  The 16-foot Tennessee marble counter-top and the dark-wood bar, make it elegant, while the small location in the middle of the Gordon Arts district make it quaint.  I wanted to pull up a seat at the counter and watch the smiling, nimble, bow-tied bar man make those creamy, frothy, rich milkshakes. Sweet Moses makes me think of my grandmother and how she would love to take me and my younger sister to a place just like this on a Saturday afternoon.  She would tell us to order whatever we wanted.  And she might even get a little pushy until we would let loose a little, and order an elaborate sundae or other specialty. 

 I still wonder why the frozen yogurt craze has not yet hit Cleveland, but why would it, when they can have real homemade ice cream and sweets, like at Sweet Moses.      


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