Product Review: Sparkling Sake

Since I am usually the one to buy a new food or beverage product before other much more skeptical people would, I want to try to put my risky behavior to good telling you all about it.  While I was at Trader Joe's last weekend, I grabbed a bottle of the Trader Joe's-san's Sparkling Sake.  No reason why.  If I remember correctly, I was thinking about sushi, which I love to have with I grabbed a bottle and threw it in my basket. I never got the sushi.

Trader Joe's can be kind of silly with their product names, but if you don't take yourself too seriously and give them a try, you may find that you are usually impressed, especially for the price point.  So, last night as I was waiting around for my dinner companion to finish his studying and get dressed, so that we could finally get out of the house and get something to eat, I decided that I needed a drink.  It was time to open this interesting blue bottle.

I popped the cap and poured a glass.  (this picture is after I took a few sips). 

  It was slightly sweet, but not too.  It was bubbly, just like champagne, but with a smooth sake flavor.  For $8 per bottle, it is a refreshing option, and would even be fantastic mixed into cocktails. I am thinking of a lychee-sake martini.  So, if you are looking for something different to drink or serve, this gets my stamp of approval. 
I left my glass on the counter and sat down at my computer to write some notes and answer a few emails, while I was still waiting to go to dinner.  With all of my concentration focused on my computer, I did not see when B came back out into the kitchen.  He grabbed my glass and walked it over to me..."Madame...", he said, holding out my glass for me to take.  I look at him startled, as I quickly grabbed my glass.  I thought something was wrong with him.  Never has he brought me my drink (even if I did pour it steps, I guess).  "Are you ok?", I asked. "Yes, drink up and let's go.", he answered.  Suddenly I am the one keeping us from dinner.  Studying eyeballs for 8 hours straight can make you a little delirious sometimes.   


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