I didn't think that could fall for donuts...  I admit have been awed by beautiful french macarons, and even some very delicious looking, freshly fried cannoli, but these donuts blow all the others out of the water.  My plan was to make a quick run into the Ferry Building to buy a pound of coffee beans at Blue Bottle Coffee.  I ran in, got the coffee, but then started to stray on my way out...  Suddenly I was face to face with the sweetest looking donuts that I had ever seen...And I am not even a real donut fan!!   
  Pepples is the Bay Area's first vegan donut shop. They make them by hand everyday and use local and organic ingredients and they claim to use the finest available. They also have a 100% organic donut.  They have seasonal flavors, (and just plain interesting flavors like Machta Green Tea) and their basics flavors that you can count on.  You will have to check with them if you are looking for something specific.  The donuts are moist, flavorful and simply amazing.  If you just can't get away from your corner donut shop with the little pink boxes and the very elderly customers that come in at the same time every day to buy their favorite same ol' old- fashioned (or maple bar) donuts, you really need to get to Pepples...This place will wake up your senses.  It is definitely worth a trip to the Ferry Building or their actual shop in Oakland for a sampling...or a dozen.


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