A Snowstom, corned beef and gingersnaps

    Monday morning we awoke to the snow plows roaring down the street as they had been all of the night before.  As the city attempted to get to work, (and to stay at work all day without worrying about the evening commute), I watched outside as the plows continued underneath the blizzarding skies.  Suddenly at about 2pm I had a burst of energy, combined with a pinch of cabin fever... and exacerbated by the calming weather.  I wanted to get out.  We had been wanting to try one of Cleveland's famous eateries Slyman's, which is only open for lunch.  Slyman's is known for their hearty corned beef sandwiches. 
    So I bundled up and headed out into the 18 degree and (lightly) snowing Monday afternoon.  The 15 min drive through the downtown streets went well.  Considering my recent investment in top of the line tires, I was hoping for nothing other.  At Slyman's I ordered the corned beef with Swiss...knowing that some certain people are picky, I chose the horseradish and mustard on the side. 
Since we ate the sandwich at dinnertime, we decided to heat it up in the oven. First we removed about 1/2 of the meat (to be used later), since the sandwich was piled high with about 1 lb of meat.  Below is one half of the sandwich at a more edible size. It was a really great sandwich.

So we took the rest of the delicious corned beef and decided to make corned beef hash.  We peeled two potatoes, diced them and browned them in a pan with 1/2 of an onion.

As the browning continued, we added the beef and a cup of beef broth.  It all browned nicely and was a delicious dish with eggs the next morning.

After dinner, since I had really been craving the delicious and very appropriately seasonal gingersnaps,  I figured a freezing cold, snowy night was the perfect excuse to make them.  I quickly mixed the batter...flour, molasses, sugar, egg, butter, ginger, cloves, nutmeg,cinnamon...

I put it in the fridge for a bit, while I went to work on trying to fix my Android phone. For some reason it decided that it only wants to work through speaker phone...so everytime I talk to someone, even when I am out in a bookstore (as I was yesterday) and my girlfriend calls me to talk about what steps she needs to take to quit her job appropriately, even though she hates her boss... yes, our conversation needs to be on speakerphone...that's not gonna work. 
A little over an hour later, with no luck, I spooned out a few sheets of gingersnaps, rolled the little spoonfuls in granulated sugar and baked them in the oven for about 10 minutes. 

Ginger spicy- Sweet sugar-Crunchy and soft in the middle. YUM!
A great end to a snowy, corned beef adventure.


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