Preparing for Winter?

70 Degrees in Cleveland, and only a few days before Halloween?  I am thanking my lucky stars for every bit of warmth here, as month four comes to an end.  Did I mention that I have also gained four pounds?  It could be the great beer that I have been tasting in this city, the addicting Melt sandwiches (butter soaked grilled sandwiches with cheese, and a side of fabulous thick crispy fries) ....hmmm now just what to do about that.  I don't need to prepare for winter by building a layer of blubber.  A cute puffy Burberry coat would do the trick just fine...I keep trying to tell myself. 
   So last night, in honor of the un-fall like weather, we decided to make chicken enchiladas.  Organic chicken breasts, from TJ's, sauteed in peanut oil with one red and one green bell pepper, and one small onion.  We then cooked that down in a bit of chicken broth and lots of nice spices... like chipotle and paprika (you can improvise here).  Once cooked, I added a handful of cilantro, a squeeze of lime, and about a cup of Mexican cheese.  I rolled it all up in about 10 small corn tortillas and poured the enchilada sauce (also from TJ's- it is excellent) on top.  Finishing it with a final sprinkle of cheese. 
After about 30 minutes in the oven, the enchiladas came out bubbling hot and smelling fantastic. 
    I have to give the boy the credit for this idea.  As he drove by the Mexican restaurant and seriously considered going in for takeout, he remembered that we did still have that delicious bottle of enchilada sauce in the cupboard (which I must mention that I had been reminding him about every few weeks). So with a swerve of the wheel, it was off to the grocery store to get the rest of the ingredients! What a team effort....which amazing results.


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