Month 3

Arriving at the end of month three, Cleveland is beginning to feel like a temporary home, in an odd sort of way. Returning from Nashville last week for work, the TSA agent asked me where I was headed, as he scanned my driver license. "Just headed home", I said, before I could even realize what I had actually said. I wanted to take back my words and say,"Well actually I am just headed to Cleveland...", but I didn't want to have to explain why it wasn't home...because I guess it is. After arriving in CLE late Thursday night, I officially spent my first weekend alone in this city. The boy headed off to NYC at the last minute on Friday to say goodbye to a friend who is moving to Switzerland, and I had neither the funds nor the desire to join him, even if NYC is one of my favorite cities...the friend is not one of my favorites.
Although I seriously thought about staying in Nashville for the weekend, it was a good (new) girlfriend in Cleveland that helped to pull me through the gray, cool and cloudy Cleveland weekend, without having to watch any football, share my bed, or stay out later than I would prefer. The weekend was interesting and definitely a lot better than I could have asked. We decided to go apple picking on Sunday, which I truthfully would not recommend unless you have little kids or like being a little kid...I don't have any kids and I guess I don't like acting like one either. Or it may be that tractor rides just don't impress me.
So last night after battling with a cold for the past four days, I finally felt better and wanted to go out to eat. We decided on Lolita, in Tremont. Over the phone they told us that they didn't have a table available, not wanting to believe that, we drove over there anyway, walked in and asked for a table. They seated us in 5 minutes. While the dinner was good enough, I am not yearning to go back soon. Although I have managed to gain 5 lbs in the last week alone, I am having trouble really finding things that I love to eat these days...


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