Moved!...sort of

Well... in all of the rush I have been unable to keep up with the posts that I would have liked to make...So to catch you all up,here it is: 2 Saturdays ago at 6:30 am, after one last hour of packing the cars, and the moving truck, we headed out of Nashville for Cleveland.  I was already tired but the sun was still rising, leaving a blanket of calm across the city, and the state.  As we drove north, towards our first check point, Louisville, KY, I didn't look back, except to check that Mr. A in the moving truck was still following us.  For hours on end, we passed numerous farms with little red barns, and a few cornfields, with corn stalks growing thick and green, just about knee high.  The landscape, to my California eyes, I could only compare to one of the jigsaw puzzles that my sister and I would attempt to put together on a cold, rainy, December weekend at home when we were kids.
    Anyway...after 9 hours of driving (and a little getting lost) we arrived in Cleveland.  Then, another three hours of unloading and the movers left.  The next two days would be spent opening boxes, hanging a few pictures and getting everything to work properly...i.e. fixing the leaky shower. 
    So now I sit in Nashville again..hence the title of the post. While B is starting his new job in the CLE, I am back here for work and for a lonely 4th of July weekend....which oddly could be it's own post in itself (a different blog for a different time).  I am staying in a friend's condo who lives directly under the oh so trendy Miss T. Swift.  B just told me not to dress in the window in case there are any peepers trying to spy into her condo from another building...whatever.  So besides the three days of actually moving all of my stuff to the CLE, I am still, or rather again, in the South eating smoked barbecue while hearing the live country band, from the bar next door, as they play late into the night. Hmmm... maybe I should just stay untill next weekend, when the American Idol tryouts will be in town.


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