An Herb Garden Grows in Cleveland

   I was given a cute, little yellow pot with three seed packets (parsley, basil and dill) as a going away/ house warming present from a friend.  She was actually given the gift from someone else, but did not even want to attempt it.  I welcomed the regift, although, I had tried to grow some herbs before and had no great luck, seeing them grow up to right before they may actually be fruitful...and then seeing them just get weak and die.  So I really was not all that hopeful with these little guys.  Nonetheless, after opening the my last box household items,  I found the herb garden.  I emptied in the fresh soil, which actually smelled wonderfully like clean earth.  I then patted in the tiny seeds in three different groups, not really sure how deep to push them in, or if I may have scattered more on the counter than into the dirt.  I added some water, and put them in the window sill.
  After being out of town for a long week of work, I came back to excitedly see little green sprouts. I admit that during that time I had forgotten all about them, but now they have me under their spell.  Everyday I sit next to my garden and work.  Together we drink water, look out the window, and reach for the sunlight.  My work is just to pass the time, peaking over to see if they have again sprouted up while I wasn't looking.  No luck.  However, I see that once again I have developed the wrong attachment to my garden.  Even though it is still very small, I am now hoping, rather expecting, that my garden will become fruitful and perhaps I can add some of that basil to my Margherita pizza....      


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