T minus 2 weeks

     Countdown has begun.  No, not to my 30th birthday, not counting down to that, but I will be doing lots of celebrating.  The countdown is to our big move from Nashville to Cleveland.
1. Our beautiful 12th floor condo, with floor to ceiling windows, facing the priceless Nashville skyline has sold.  (To a divorcee who apparently wants to live in the same building as her ex-husband). Check.
2. The moving boxes, collected from friends and neighbors are beginning to fill the living room, but are still empty. Check.
3. We haven't cooked in a solid two weeks, as we try to meet with friends and colleagues to say our goodbyes. Check. 
4. We are trying fruitlessly to use up all of the toiletries and cooking ingredients (kind of hard to do when you are not cooking), so that we will not have to lug them with us, nor feel bad about throwing them out. Check
5. He has decided on a U-haul as our furniture's mode of transportation, so I am beginning to envision exactly how we are going to get our entire condo's contents into a truck, which will then be driven 8 plus hours by an Ophthalmologist, only then to be double parked in downtown Cleveland while it is unloaded (not sure yet who will be doing the unloading--guessing it will not be the Ophthalmologist). Check. 
6. Sitting by the pool on a beautiful, sunny, hot Saturday, because there is no point in packing too early. Check.
However, like the vases that we will put in the box that is conveniently labeled "Fragile", our emotions are a bit in the same state. Sad to leave a place that we have grown to know so well in the past years, while also anxious about beginning anew as the little guy. Looking forward to the adventure that a new city can bring, while admittedly looking forward to 12 months from now when we will be done with it.  T minus 2 weeks....


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