Easter- by the Fire

It was a blustery cold and rainy Easter in the Bay Area this year, reflecting how even when you think you need the sunshine most, you will just have to deal without it. I was fortunate enough to be able to make the trek to the West Coast to spend the holiday with my family...although, had I known about the expected temperature and rainfall, I may have scheduled my trip for the following weekend.
In between spending lots of time with my newly widowed grandfather and trying to find a sweater ...I took on the task of adding a little cheer, by decorating the table for our Easter dinner. The centerpiece was pink and purple tulips in a matte purple pitcher. Scattered across the table were my "Easter Egg" radishes which I picked up at the new Berkeley Bowl.
There was plenty of good food to go around from asparagus, and deviled eggs to roasted potatoes and lamb.
After the long awaited Spring, the Easter dreary dark clouds could have easily produced a bit of a somber day, but instead we made it quite warm and cozy. With a roaring fire in the fireplace (and also in the outdoor oven) not to mention the company of family, this Easter was one of the best in a long time. As Pettar once put it, sometimes clouds will get between you and your sunshine, but your sunshine will always be there.


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