Do Not Open

The letter was in a sealed simple white envelope. And on the outside, written in her large wild cursive was "Do Not Open".
"Here, read this one.", Grandpa said to Mom, handing her the letter which had been opened.
"Didn't you see that?", Mom asked, pointing at the warning on the front of the envelope .
"Oh, yea, sorry." He said with an innocent chuckle, and a little smile. Like, what did it matter now?
Grandma had written her notes on that page, and then sealed the envelope, as if she never wanted to look at it again. No one ever knew she had written so much. No one knew she was a writer. It is that which we all had seen and known that we are missing so much, but it is that which was hidden, which we never knew, which makes us cry the heaviest tears. The note below was written in 1979 when she was about 54 years old.


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