I Loved, I Lost, I Made Spaghetti....

I just finished a very smartly written book related to food, cooking and love. Just in time for the Valentines Day season, a "holiday" which always seems to come with a few letdowns.... In fact, I just told the boy today that all I wanted were some chocolates from Fresh Market- not that he asked. (Fresh Market is a nice, high-end grocery store that is about a 15 min drive from the house). His response (seriously): "OK, well then why didn't we get them today...we were just there, and we don't get out here much."--yea, way to take the romance out of it! Anyway....If there are any men reading this, this book is probably for the cooking woman in your life, rather than you. (It would actually make a great Valentines gift for her, revealing to her your sensitive side. Sexy.) It is about one accomplished Brooklyn woman and her passion for cooking and food as she struggles to find a man to love with the same energy. Being a true story (a memoir), all of us female food aficionados can unfortunately relate...and Giulia Melucci, makes us all laugh and sigh with her as we do.... Great work Giulia.


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