What was I thinking? Why did you let me buy 10 lbs of potatoes?? That is what I asked the boy after returning from a quick trip to the grocery store on a Tuesday night. "Had I been there, I wouldn't have let you." he calmly replied with a little smile. Right...good answer. So as I laid awake that night readjusting to the time zone after returning from my west coast holiday, I began to brainstorm for all things potato. Gnocchi, I decided would be a good first use. On this rainy Southern day, as Bee went into work, I set three of the largest potatoes in to boil (skins on). Two hours later I had managed to peel and rice them, mix them with a little egg, salt, pepper, nutmeg, Parmesan and create the buoyant little gnocchi that we all love so much.

When ricing the potatoes, the hotter the better, if attempting light and fluffy. After all, gnocchi that resemble led weights- as my sister refers to them -are never preferred. I have an advantage on this, as my hands have ridiculously bad circulation and they are always cold- so the more heat the better for me.

As I bounced each one off the tines of my fork (you must roll each one off the end of a fork to create the little grooves which will cradle your sauce) I laid them gently on a floured plate and placed it in the freezer. Then when you are ready to eat, just slide those little guys out of the freezer and into the pot. They will only need to cook for a few minutes. Three potatoes down, just another 8 lbs to go.


  1. All your hours of hard work and they get eaten in 3.5 seconds. :)


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