Crustacean Christmas

If you are an animal lover or vegetarian, maybe you should turn the page. I will not go into the details, but I never thought that cooking lobsters could be so exciting. It all started with a box arriving at my door on a sunny Tuesday just before Christmas, with six beautiful, live lobsters packed into it, on ice. It was definitely a feat to have turned those six live lobsters, directly from Maine into two beautiful entrees. Three lobsters were parboiled, then rubbed with olive oil, salt and pepper and placed on our piping hot charcoal grill for about 8 minutes.
The second dish was a creamy and flavorful lobster pasta sauce. It is made from a base of butter, olive oil and cream. Then it is supplemented with a handful of fresh or canned tomatoes, fresh basil, fresh parsley, salt, pepper, parmesan cheese and ofcourse plenty of lobster meat. We served it on pappardelle pasta, and everyone raved. The pasta can also be done with crab meat- which is a little easier to get.


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