The Nouveau Nuvo

*****On Sunday morning...after a late night, a short sleep and a lazy morning of trying to catch up on that sleep, we were hungry. It was a cool, rainy and gray fall morning as we headed across the Cumberland River, past the empty LP Field and over into East Nashville. Today's trek was to taste the fare at Nuvo Burrito. The restaurant is small, but quaint, modern and clean, which I like. The three LCD screens were showing the Titan's game and only two other tables were occupied...which left us a quiet place to eat and relax. A group of well dressed middle-aged men were enjoying their meal in the corner, and a young family in the other corner. B and I ordered at the counter with the very friendly and energetic owner/ operator.

We wanted to taste a few different options, so we ordered:
1. The Gulf Coaster: Seasoned Gulf SHRIMP, Beans & Rice, Cilantro Pesto, Monterey Jack, Caramelized Vidalia Onion, & Bits of Bacon in a whole wheat wrap.

2. Yankees in Georgia: SWEET POTATO with Dried Michigan Cherries! Black beans, White Cheese in a thin flat bread.

3. Brunch Special of the day: Eggs, cheddar cheese, green chilis, ham, green onions and chorizo in a thin flat bread.
So we had a few bases covered....

We grabbed a table in good viewing of the Titan's game- since it was still officially a little too early to have conversation. I was excited to notice that directly next to the little counter where ready orders are placed for customers, (ours were actually nicely delivered to us at our table), sat a separate shelf dedicated to roughly 15 different hot sauces. If you are a fan of spice, like me, it adds a little something interesting for your taste buds. I ending up trying about 6 of them before we left.

Our meal arrived with more food than we expected. The Gulf Coaster was very flavorful as the shrimp were cooked perfectly. I enjoyed the dark green crunchy lettuce which was added to the wrap, even though it was not listed on the menu. The Yankee had a little two much sweet potato which, caused it to over-power the other flavors. It also lacked something crisp to complete it. I would have loved a nice handful of wild arugula added to it. Finally, the brunch special was enjoyed the most. It was warm, flavorful, and definitely a hearty but healthy-enough meal. We enjoyed the toasty flat bread which encompassed the later two of our three orders, and the wholewheat wrap on the Gulf Coaster was a healthy alternative to the typical flour tortilla. (I noticed that they do have other tortilla options on request.)

Overall, Nuvo was a simple, clean, and quiet place to have a Sunday lunch. It felt like we were part of the neighborhood. And in receiving the gentility and enthusiasm of the staff, I secretly wanted to be. Just by glancing over the menu, one can tell that Nuvo enlists a creative team. The owner mentioned to me that they were starting a special brunch menu for the weekends that would have a few staples and a few specials. Hmmm...I wonder if that means like a pancakes and waffles wrap...I wouldn't put it past them. And I would go back- if only to quell the curiosity of my taste buds.


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