Vegetables From Nashville's Shore

My neighbor whom lives exactly two floors below me (in the exact same unit two floors down) has a beautiful lake house on one of Nashville's biggest lakes. She invited a few of us out from the city to the lake house for some wine and relaxation. Well....once we got out there we raided her much overgrown tomato plants, as if it were an open Martini bar on a Saturday night. See the tiny cute little cherry tomatoes and even the beautiful eggplant.
The cherry tomatoes were lovely roasted in the oven with salt, pepper and ricotta cheese. The eggplant became a simple and delicious spicy Indian curry. I look forward to the day that I have enough space to plant a garden of my own- or at least to the day when I live in a building in which the sun actually shines onto my balcony for longer that one hour in the early morning. If any of you have space and sun to make a little plot,or pot, into a garden of your own-do it for me!


  1. We are going to start a veggie garden, i'll name it after you. :)


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